Sistko consulting


Our Mission

When you succeed, we will succeed as well

We are experienced management consultants, who with management systematics and partner relationships accompany our clients with their business strategies, with managing their business growth, with opening new markets and developing their portfolios. We are open, flexible, adaptable and ready to implement numerous solutions that we’ve learnt from the many years of practice in consultancy and audit work in various industries. Our competitive advantage is our experience and knowledge on how to build useful, as well as practical and feasible management systems, which then in return keep reaching positive effects for many years to come.

Our Motto

“Don’t walk in front of me – I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me – I may not lead.
Just walk beside me and be my partner.(inspired by A. Camus)”

Operational excellence

we always strive to give you the best-only working solution sbring value added you desire.

Continuous improvements

we continously improve our solutions based on best practices, techno logical development in industries and developing standard.


with our proven approach- a combination of interactive and problem-based learning– practical knowledge can be efficiently gained.

IT Tools

we suggest and implement focused IT tools for management issues and train the employees.

Professional support

be yond consulting, we support you at your customer's audits and further improvethe solutions.

100% Satisfaction

we give guarantee to our services


We want you to be satisfied with our services. This will only ever be true if the solutions we provide are easy to use, understood, efficient and effective. That’s why we don’t use off-the-shelf and some where else used approaches – instead each solution is developed in collaboration with the client and adapted to his wishes and needs, with maximum flexibility to the specifics of his business.

We are so confident to meet the client’s expectations that we give guarantee on our services!


As a specialist in management systems, leadership development and enterpreneurship and as an external auditor and lecturer, I can offer – together with my team of focused experts – a number of good practices from domestic and international companies.

Andrej Smogavc Cestar

MSc, lead consultant