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The video lectures are especially suited for companies that started with digital trainings for their employees. The biggest advantage of such trainings is that it is available to colleagues without a mandatory date – as we know, “live” dates usually never suit everyone. A further advantage is that the lecture can be stopped at any time, rewind and reviewd again – or after a certain period, when the proposed solutions have been tried. And there’s another great advantage – video lectures are a knowledge base for the organisation and as such also available to new employees. For organisations that have not yet embarked on the digital training path, we invite to make the first steps now – and start building the knowledge base by taking one of our video training courses.


Please add the video lectures to the shopping cart. Once you have decided to complete your purchase, enter the details of the purchaser and you will receive an invoice by email. The email will include an individual identification number which you provide at the bank transfer/payment. Upon receipt of the payment, we will send the video lecture on a USB stick to your address, together with a certificate granting you a licence to use it.

The usual licence allows unlimited in-company use of video lecture directly from the USB stick. Transfer (incl. lending, selling, …) to any third party (legal or natural) is prohibited.


A comprehensive approach towards defining, identifying, planning and transferring competences in an organisation.

ISO management systems require organisations to manageme competences of their employees. In the video lecture we explain the background and meaning of competences and then we focus on the systematics: how to identify, define and review existing competences, how to plan for new competences, how to transfer competences internally, how to foster mentoring, … etc and finally how to prepare a comprehensive training plan. We also show how to integrate competences into annual (performance) interviews and how to create awareness and commitment among employees to acquire the necessary competences.


Duration: 3 hours
Target group: process managers, department heads, HR managers, quality representatives

How to systematically approach risk management according to quality system model KzP:2016
The “KzP:2016” quality sytsem model, developed by SIQ, requires also a systematic management of risks. An usual “risk register”, commonly found in education facilities are so generic and ubiquitous that they usually do not reflect the specifics of a particular institution (school, kindergarden). In the video lecture we explain the concept of risk management together with the approach of how to identify them, assess them and take action. The approach is suitable for all organisations in education sector (primary, secondary, terciary schools and kindergardens), as the comprehensive risk management is illustrated using known tools (spreadsheets like MS Excel).

Duration: 4 hours
Target group: school principals, school quality representatives, quality teams (leads)